The Farm On Adderley – Wholesome and Delicious (Ditmas Park, Brooklyn)

April 9, 2011 · Posted in American Food

The Farm on Adderley
Brooklyn, NY 11218
*Take the Q or B train to Cortelyou Road
(718) 287-3101

The Farm On Adderley

The idea about dining at this unique food establishment came when I thought about where to eat by Flatbush Food Market (Local Organic Co-Op) since I wanted to make a trip there.  I will make post on that later.  When I think Cortelyou Road, I think The Farm on Adderley.


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Giorgio’s of Gramercy – Modern Italian Cuisine

July 25, 2010 · Posted in American Food, Classy, Gourmet, Italian, Romantic

Giorgio’s of Gramercy
27 East 21st Street (between Broadway and Park Avenue South)
New York, NY
(6 Train to 23rd Street, exit station via 21st side)

*Reservation is necessary so make sure you call in advance to reserve your seat!

Giorgio's of Gramercy

Ever wanted to eat out at a fancy restaurant but not having to compromise the money in your wallet?  Well one solution to that is   On this website, you can choose a restaurant on their list and buy a certificate for a fraction of the actual face value and use it at the restaurant!  How neat is that.  For example, you can buy a $25 restaurant certificate for Giorgio’s of Gramercy which can be found by clicking here that only cost you $15. Now if you are a member you can get 24% cash back! And for now there is a 40% instant discount if you visit the following link: Coupons.  So after the coupon and receiving the cash back, you will spend only $6.84 for a certificate that is worth $25!  Now the catch is that each restaurant will have their own restriction in regards to the maximum amount you can purpose the certificate, the day and time to use it, a minimum that you will have to spend, and used only certificate per table/party.

Having said that, my friend and I decided to try Giorgio’s of Gramercy since they had such great reviews on Yelp, NY Mag and Zagat.

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And they’re back! Student Biryani Cart in Jackson Heights, Queens

July 24, 2010 · Posted in Cart Food, Cheap Eats, Halal Food, Pakistani, Quick Eats, Unique

Student Biryani Food Cart
Btw 37th Road & 74th Street (right across from Gourmet Restaurant)
Jackson Heights, Queens 11372

Student Biryani Food Cart, Jackson Heights, NY

When I was informed by one of my readers, Sasha, that the Student Biryani cart was no longer there, I was devastated.   Please see my previous post by clicking on this link: Infamous Taste of Pakistan – Student Biryani Food Cart. My friend and I went over there to confirm if that was the case and it was.  Honest to god in my humble opinion, this man whips one of of the best chicken biryani I have ever tasted.   The flavors from that biryani is so diverse and intense (from saltiness to sweetness and spiciness) that makes it hard to resist.  Not all biryani’s are created equal and you will definitely know when you have tried this.  To know that it was my last time tasting something so unique and flavorful was of great sadness to me.   But I can say with full confidence that the Student Biryani Food Cart is back with a fresh new look and attracting more customers than ever.

The question my friend and I always wanted to be answered was, where in the world did the food cart disappeared to for all those months??  That biryani chief was going to be drilled by both of us like a cop interrogating an unsuspecting suspect.

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Corn in a Cup! 86th Street, Brooklyn – Vendor Series

June 6, 2010 · Posted in Brooklyn, Cheap Eats, Quick Eats, Unique

Corn in a Cup
Located outside of Istanbul Restaurant
2202 86th St
(between Bay Parkway & Bay 31st St)
Brooklyn, NY 11214

Nearest train station: M, D – Bay Parkway

Corn in a cup - 86th St, Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NYC

Now you must be wondering, corn in a cup?  Is it worth spending money on corn that you can easily make at home?  I for one surely asked that same question, and let me tell you, the answer is, yes, yes, and yes!  I am excited for this simple and delectable creation simply because of the convenience and the pure simplicity of it.   It does sound rather strange, but as my best friend says it best, and let me paraphrase because I can’t remember the exact words, “When you are having fun and enjoying your day, food that is healthy, new and conveniently available will an instant hit.”   And that can’t be more true, in my opinion.  We were both drawn to the colorful corn logo  and the powerful corn aroma that resonated from the cart and knew it had to be tried.

Alright, let me show you what they offer:

Corn in a cup - MenuThere you have it.   I am not a fan of cheese or butter in my corn and neither is my friend so we chose the Mumbai.  We requested that the butter not to be added and the girl who was making it smile politely and told us no problem.   The ingredients are so simple and  the process of making this spiced corn is even easier.  I watched the girl scoop up a cup of steamed corn which is conveniently located behind the menu, and she poured it into a metal silver bowl, like you see people preparing to toss a salad, to get ready to give birth to the Mumbai.   With multiple spiced shakers, she added salt, cayenne pepper for the much needed heat, garlic powder and last but not least, lemon juice and mixed well.   The result:

Mumbai - Corn in a Cup: 86th Street in Bay Parkway, Brooklyn

Delicious, delicious corn!    So when we you see this corn in a cup vendor, stop by and grab a cup!   You definitely will not be disappointed!

Until next time,

<3 FCG

P.S., you can easily make this at home.  I did and it was good.  But for some reason, but as good when I’m eating it outside on the go.
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Elmo Restaurant and Lounge NYC

May 2, 2010 · Posted in American Food, Good for Groups

Elmo Restaurant & Lounge
156 7th Avenue (near W. 19th St)
New York, NY 10011
(212) 337-8000

I highly recommend you to make a reservation because it does get packed even on a weekday!

Elmo Restaurant & Lounge

I have probably walked past this restaurant countless and countless of the times and never knew that it was Elmo.    All I knew that along 7th avenue, there is loud music pumping out of this restaurant as if it was some kind of a fancy eat-in club.  I captured this photo at 7pm on a Wednesday and it was packed inside and out.  Luckily with the advice of my brother, who is a regular there, I had already made reservations to celebrate my friend Sally’s birthday.

The thumping of the loudness of the music grew intensely as I went into the restaurant with my party.  It bothered me as first, but when the boyishly handsome waiter took us to a booth towards the back of the restaurant, I could hardly feel the music.   If anything, I think by being in the back, we were away from the speakers.   As we all seated down, I looked around and can see a lot of young, hip and deliciously stylish people.  Girls where wearing tight short dresses, and the guys (a lot whom were gay since the restaurant was in a gay neighborhood- Chelsea) were dressed very sharply with a nice shirt with rolled up sleeves, and hair wildly spiked.   This was the kind of crowd that I like to look at when I’m eating.

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