Penang Malaysian Restaurant – Chinatown, NY

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41 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY
(212) 431-8722


Penang Malaysian Restaurant - Chinatown, NY

Penang Malaysian Restaurant - Chinatown, NY

One of the few Malaysian restaurants in Chinatown, Penang is located right off of Canal Street and right into the heart of Chinatown.  Growing up, if I was hankering for Malaysian food, it was either at Penang or Nyonya, which is on Grand Street.  There are a few more Malaysian restaurants that has popped up in Chinatown, but they are not as popular as the two that I mentioned about.

To be quite honest, I have always enjoyed the food at Nyonya.  But this isn’t a post about Nyonya, it is on Penang.  The atmosphere in Penang seems very quiet and desolate.  I guess you’ll have to pick the right time, but I came here at 7pm with my party of eight and there were only two people there.  No music was playing in the background and let me stress how quiet it was.  Not only that, the lighting seems to be kind of dim which made me feel a little creeped out.  Let me tell you, the atmosphere/feng-shiu at Nyonya  is definitely not like that.  I have only eaten the Hainanese chicken and the roti canai here since they were signature dishes which I will talk about that later.

Yes, if you can do take-out, do it!


Penang Menu

Penang Menu

When you eat at a restaurant in Chinatown, most locals eat it family style.   Hence the nice round tables with multiple seats.  Let me know you the dishes my friends and I ordered:

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Mid-Autumn Festival: Mooncakes

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is on Saturday October 3rd and my mother has already received a few boxes of mooncakes.   Click on the above link to Wikipedia to read all about this holiday.  I will write all about it on the day of the holiday.  Right now I want to share a few pictures of the different kinds of mooncakes that are my personal fan favorites!

Malaysian Lotus Seed Mooncake w/one yolk

Malaysian Lotus Seed Mooncake w/one yolk: KLT Mooncake

Inside of the Malaysian Lotus Seed Mooncake

Inside of the Malaysian Kuih Bulan Lotus Seed Mooncake

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Masu Masu Asian Fusion Restaurant

Masu Masu Asian Fusion Restaurant
1116 Avenue U
btw 12th St & Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11223

Avenue U, aka little Chinatown, is filled beyond filled with half-assed boring restaurants. If you live in this neighborhood like I do, you’ll know that the foods here aren’t the best. They taste what they’re supposed to taste like, but there’s just no creativity at all. Or they just plain suck.

With a lot of Japanese sushi bars popping up all over the neighborhood, it seems like none of them can be distinguished. Most of them have non-Japanese chefs making sushi, which absolutely grinds my gears, and the food seems to cater to americans or tourist. What happened to specialty rolls? What happened to creativity and love for food?

Well, Masa Masa is the answer to my prayers.

This is the only restaurant on avenue U, the gravesend neck road area, that tries to be hip and trendy. Thank you!! Most restaurants that you’ll see here don’t really try that hard to impress people with decor. I can understand because people here are simple and they don’t have the time to pay attention to those little details. Service and food is most important to the restaurant owners here. While that’s great, I think it’s time to get with the times.

I came here with the boyfriend after a morning run, and we were craving for dumplings. I am a huge dumpling fan and will almost eat any kind of dumpling as you will see in my prior and future posts.

Pork Dumpling

Never have I seen a dumpling that has such a thin, transparent-like skin. Dip this baby into the accompany soy sauce and your mouth will scream like it’s in heaven. I do have to admit that I was pretty excited because of the way it looked. Look how cute it looks! Unlike the ones that have thick skin and are incredibly doughy, this one doesn’t make you feel as guilty eating it. I really enjoyed this appetizer and absolutely craved some more. The pork is moist and tender and accompanied well with the lightly pan fried dumpling. I swear, you can pop a million of these in your mouth and still crave for me.

My rating: 4/5

Specialty Roll:

It’s been a while since I’ve eaten here and the name of this roll slips my mind. It contains medium well salmon, avocado, cucumbers, seasoned with sesame.

Price: $11.50

This roll is absolutely fantastic. The presentation alone is worth the price, especially in this neighborhood. I like the fact that the salmon is not completely raw, so it gives it a semi-rough texture which I truly love.

Highly recommended!
Rating: 4/5
If you want to order this roll, why don’t you print the picture and show it to the waiter/waitress? haha

California Roll
Price: $4.50

I will always love the Cali roll when it’s done right. I hate it when sushi makers skimp out on my dam rice. I probably said this a million times, but it’s true! I love the presentation and the size. The rice was not too hard, which is the way I like it.

My rating: 4/5

Salmon Roll
Price: $4.50

With a roll done right like this, what can go wrong? It’s a classic.

When you stop by the neighborhood, be sure to pay a visit. You won’t regret it!

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Malaysia Beef Jerky

Malaysia Beef Jerky
95A Elizabeth St
(btw Grand & Hester St)
Chinatown, NY
(212) 965-0796

After living and visiting here in Chinatown for over 20 years, I can’t believe I’ve never been to this place! Lying at the very end of the Mott Street marketplace towards Grand St, contains this hidden jewel that sells beef jerky! If I blew up this picture, you can see the prices listed on it.


Sliced Pork
Pound:1 – $16; 1/2 – $ 8.00, 1/4 – $4.00

Pork Jerky
Pound:1 – $16; 1/2 – $ 8.00, 1/4 – $4.00

Spicy Pork Jerky
Pound:1 – $16; 1/2 – $ 8.00, 1/4 – $4.00

Spicy Chicken Jerky
Pound:1 – $17; 1/2 – $ 8.50, 1/4 – $4.25

Chicken Jerky
Pound:1 – $17; 1/2 – $ 8.50, 1/4 – $4.25

Spicy Beef Jerky
Pound:1 – $17; 1/2 – $ 8.00, 1/4 – $4.25

Beef Jerky
Pound:1 – $17; 1/2 – $ 8.50, 1/4 – $4.25

Curry Beef Jerky
Pound:1 – $17; 1/2 – $ 8.50, 1/4 – $4.25

My bf and I are crazy in love with beef jerky. But unfortunately, we’ve never had fresh ones before because we always get the packaged ones from the store. But my god, when you step foot inside the shop you’ll see all the jerky goodness inside! Mm!! Too bad I didn’t get a picture inside because I was so overwhelmed by its strong spicy and sweet aroma. Anyways, we decided to get the 1/4 of the spicy beef and pork jerky to go since you can’t really sit and eat there.

Even after a long trip back home in brooklyn, the jerkies are still warm!! Yess. Anyways, this is the spicy pork jerky and it’s my first time having pork jerky. This jerky is very soft since it’s fresh, and it made it easy to eat. See even though it’s spicy, I honestly didn’t think it would be that spicy because it looks pretty sweet! But goodness, it was incredibly spicy! When my father took a bite of this, he was running to the kitchen for water because it was that fiery! Even though it burns, it was a very good pork jerky and it tastes a little sweet and it’s very spicy and tender as well!

Rating – 4/5

This is the spicy beef jerky. Wow, this is the best beef jerky I have ever heard. This isn’t as overwhelmingly spicy as the pork, which is perfect for me. It’s warm, very sweet (probably they added a honey glaze) and subtly salted. I love it. You have to definitely try it for yourself!!

Rating – 5/5

This isn’t a restaurant so I couldn’t find the health inspection results. But don’t worry, there’s a lot of people working in there so I’m sure they keep it in tip top shape! =)